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gentoo prefix/windows

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I’m recently entertaining the idea of switching to windows 7 with some sort of linux on top of the SUA infrastructure on my tablet. Currently I can see only 3 options, suacommunity.com, debian-interix.net, or gentoo prefix/windows.

suacommunity.com: packages are not up to date, and it seems like a one-man job (rodney on the forum). don’t quite like its package management

debian-interix.net: seems promising but doesn’t have a coreutils build yet (packages are on par with suacommunity).

gentoo prefix: the 20090619 iso doesn’t work on win 7. good news is a new unified release is coming with explicit win 7 support:
check out the pdf draft in the link above. don’t know how many of the packages in portage have the x86-interix keyword though. we’ll see…

Just skimmed through the gentoo/alt mail archive of last several months and it seems the gentoo port is taking an approach of making the tool-chain working under interix. AFAICT the debian approach is to get things compile without fixing the toolchain itself. Now that’s something. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. (but getting distcc to work on interix could be a problem…)

2009-08-28 Fri:
seems the dvd iso got silently uploaded to the official site. get it from here

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August 25, 2009 at 1:39 am

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