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stripping url output from bibtex

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The bibliographical information as supplied by journals usually includes a URL field, and bibtex styles like \bibliographystyle{apsrev} will export the URL field in the resulting .bbl file, very nagging to some of us. One way to get rid of these URL links is to use a customized .bst file, e.g.,

  1. locate apsrev to find where the apsrev.bst file is.
  2. cd to the directory, and invoke grep -v 'format.url output' apsrev.bst > your/manuscript/directory/apsrev-no-url.bst to create a no-url version of the bst file in your manuscript directory (or any other directory in the search path of bibtex).
  3. now, in your manuscript, replace \bibliographystyle{apsrev} with \bibliographystyle{apsrev-no-url}

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January 4, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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