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network printing on gentoo

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1. emerge cups. leave all conf files as-is

2. emerge foomatic-db-ppds, equivalently just download the ppd file corresponding to your printer (the one in my office is lexmark c543dn)

3. add yourself to the groups lp (for printing) and lpadmin (for using web interface to configure cups)

4. start cupsd (e.g., add it to the default run-level), then visit https://localhost:631

5. add printer from within the web interface. For the lexmark mentioned above, locate the corresponding ppd file installed in step 2. The network address should be socket://ip-address-of-the-printer (I googled and saw on one lexmark official page that the printer should be accessed through the port 9100, which from the cups manual should have socket:// in its URI)

6. I also queried the printer’s default printing options from within cups web interface b/c the default option used by cups doesn’t utilize the duplex feature of the printer.

7. now just use lpr -P&lt printer name &gt to print (e.g., from the gtk printing dialogue box). &lt printer name &gt is the name you used in step 5 when adding the printer.

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November 21, 2010 at 12:43 am

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